Gwaith Haearn Cyfarthfa 


Cyfarthfa Ironworks 3

The remains at the Cyfarthfa Ironworks include ruins of brick kilns, a possible early farmhouse, an engine and melting house however the most visually evocative is the furnace bank.

At over 10 metres high, and surviving largely due to cylindrical blast furnaces being built in front of them in the 1880s, it is composed of six individual furnaces that can be easily examined and a large broad brick and masonry arch that reinforces the scale of the enterprise. Along the back of the furnace bank runs a tall, narrow passage that enables further investigation and directly to the north is an engine house with a masonry hearth over 3m high. Furthermore, the site is open and spacious with potential for car parking, an activity area or more substantial scale physical interpretation. 

“The Cyfarthfa site remains the largest and most complete range of furnaces to survive anywhere” Association of Industrial Archaeology

“The huge and complete bank of six eighteenth and early nineteenth century furnaces at Cyfarthfa has been recognised a one of the most impressive survivals of the Industrial Revolution.” Royal Commission Ancient and Historical Monuments in Wales

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